Life is more than just a straight line. 

Design a Life you Love.



"Design think your life" workshop.

Storytelling for social change.

Design for global social innovation.

Design solutions for the public sector.




We have helped our clients:

- launch their dream career.

- create their passion project.

- design a life they love.


Patricia's thoughtful approach to design-thinking provided a perfect balance of meditation and action. She masterfully invited us to imagine our dreams and soon enough, to uncover the tools we've always had to bring those dreams to reality.
- Michelle

Stepping into real-world abundance, having money in my bank account at the same time that I have more control over my own schedule and the projects that I take on has been such a gift. I've also seen my friendships transform on a personal level, connecting with people more deeply over the art that I've been sharing. 

I've become more comfortable with saying no to jobs that aren't in alignment with my future goals. I have gained a certainty that work will come and money will come and there are an abundance of opportunities for me. I also did a lot of work healing the issues that kept me from sharing my art and my personal experiences with people.

- Lyla

This coaching experience has changed my life: it has completely shifted my life in a new direction - one that welcomes fear with wisdom and love, digs deep to answer vital questions, and marches forward to embark on a journey to improve my life. I haven't found all the answers nor have I achieved perfection. Instead I have learned to accept my accomplishments thus far and allowed myself to start the next chapter of my life - embracing the mission to learn about myself, approach my life with honesty and acceptance, and support myself in my endeavors no matter how simple or intimidating they may be. I am ready!
- Dasha

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