Meet Madeline Giles

Madeline is the founder of Angelic Breath Healing. At first impression, she feels interplanetary.

She brings the otherworldly to the physical, connecting the Angelic with the Human, through powerful breathwork.

We meet her on a sunny afternoon, in a crystal-studded room. She is wearing all white, and it feels ethereal. We talk about angels, UFO’s, social media, money, and breath.

How did you start working with angels?

Before spirituality was at the obvious forefront of my life, I was living and going to college in the desert.

I don’t know what inspired it, but all of a sudden, I was infatuated with aliens and loved thinking about life on other planets…
I would drive up to Sedona every other weekend and visit the UFO store. They had all these interesting books about interdimensional portals that fascinated me … I think because I had a hard time in college and disliked living in the desert, opening to galactic study was a way of coping. I thought “anywhere is better than here” - and instead of dreaming about another place on Earth, outerspace became my place. I loved looking at the night sky and imagining the possibilities of galactic worlds filled with colors I’ve never seen...

Soon after that, I had a paranormal experience where I saw a shadow of a man on my wall one night when I was trying to fall asleep - it scared me, and my first thought was: “Wait! If you’re an alien, I don’t want to leave this world!” It was a wake up call on many levels. This experience led me to contact a trusted psychic, who told me about psychic protection, earthbound spirits - all things that were new to me. She also told me I am highly connected to angels, to the Angelic Realm - and that they wanted to help me. Although I knew nothing about angels, this deeply resonated with me and I began searching for ways to connect with the angels. This was in 2009.

I found Doreen Virtue’s book ‘the Healing Miracles of Archangel Michael,’ and read it in 24 hours. I started calling upon Archangel Michael, and going to Doreen Virtue seminars - it changed my life and I have never looked back.

[ On Breathwork ]

My teacher David Elliott talks about what happens on a physiological level: When we do this two part breath, we are raising our vibration, releasing endorphins, so from that space, we are also accessing emotions which have been stuffed down and buried underneath the surface.

Those blocked emotions can hinder our intuition, they can hinder us from really listening to our guidance, and really trusting our inner voice. Breathwork connects us to the feelings that are hidden: it might be grief, or laughter.
It helps to accept and express these emotions so we can access what’s underneath: the voice of our Heart, the space inside where angels communicate with us.

The angels’ messages are carried on the molecules of oxygen, so the deeper we breathe, the clearer the connection. On a scientific, spiritual, and personal-experience level: there is a portal that opens up through conscious breath. 

How do you integrate breathwork into your daily routine?

I like to do Angelic Breath Healing before I sit down to write, because it helps to amplify creativity. I also engage with breathwork as a way to go deeper with emotions that are present - for me it is so powerful and healing. 

My daily practices tend to shift day-to-day, however, I always like to get in my kundalini meditations (3 mins ego eradicator, 3 mins addiction meditation, 3-31 minutes Sat Kriya) and recently I’ve started studying herbalism and love incorporating daily Nettle infusions with my practice. Dancing also feels amazing - anything that gets me feeling good in my body is essential! 

How do you stay clear and connected?

Angels first and foremost. I am constantly communicating with Archangel Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Mother Mary and my personal guardian angels … it’s very grounding for me to tune in with angelic energies frequently throughout the day. Prayer feels amazing, and spending time in nature is everything. 

Breath is very helpful.

Exercise helps to shake some shit out.

Meditation, and also just laughing and creating… 


[ On Creating ]

My mind is naturally galactic - I feel more attuned to the multidimensionality of life than I do the physical. Because of that, ideas come to me as ecstatic energy, colors and otherworldly images. I am learning how to translate the energy into words, into tangible experiences that are helpful and relevant to human life. The Angels always tell me it’s not about the words, it’s about the energy … it feels like I’m learning to be an interdimensional translator, and that takes practice!

How do you stay inspired?

I love going on walks, that’s a space of freedom and inspiration for me.
I have conversations with the flowers
I’ll see a butterfly and start following it.
When I go on a walk, I don’t have an agenda,
I just let myself go places…

My friends really inspire me:
they will start dancing in the middle of the street...
hanging out with them breaks me out of my shell.

What has been the greatest challenge in creating Angelic Breath Healing?

The biggest challenge I constantly face is my own self doubt, my own self-criticism, my own self questioning, which can sabotage me from really sharing work that can truly support others.

[ On Resistance ]


There are so many books written about resistance… and yet it’s a very real thing.. 

I have friends supporting me, I have great clients, I have people coming to my classes, and amazing opportunities… and I feel aligned with the guidance coming through, yet the heaviness and the suppression of my own self doubt and questioning sometimes can feel like, not just a tidal wave, but a tsunami. 

Really navigating through that has been the biggest challenge AND opportunity. 

[ Money + Angels ]

My whole life I never had to think much about money

I don’t do what I do for money. However, I am not currently in a position where other people are paying for my life, and I feel like the circumstances of life have put me in this position: where I wouldn’t share as much and launch new programs if there wasn’t that motivation from simply needing money to live a comfortable life. 

I truly feel that the way things open up financially is by acting in alignment with the heart… by creating things that I would want to experience or that really feel aligned. 

I could not put something out there just to make money, because I am not wired that way. My heart has to be in it. 

What is your mission? 

At the core of it: my mission is Heaven on Earth. 

This can manifest in many different ways, and for me, it’s a process of remembering and embodying the feeling of Home that’s beyond a place. For me, this looks like listening to my Heart, acting from this place, consulting Angels, and doing my very best to act in alignment with Love. At present, the human realm is dualistic and there’s many layers to our experiences. There is so much suffering, there is darkness, there is evil, yet underneath it all is the invitation to Love. My vision is that every person on the planet can easily communicate with their angels and feel tangibly supported as they make choices and take action in alignment with Love. 

'Life,' by Madeline Giles.

'Life,' by Madeline Giles.