Meet Luna Love.

Luna is the creator of Luna Love Leadership. 
She is an endless explorer of intimacy, 
A self-discovery junkie, 
An artist,
Medicine woman, 
Lover of Nature, 
Truth Seeker,
And a Women’s Leadership Mentor.

She guides women to deepen into their purpose, cultivate self-trust, and embody mastery. We meet her in Malibu over pizza and grass-fed burgers, overlooking the ocean. We talk about all things shamanism, devotion, the flower industry, and cauliflower pizza crust. 

What is your background, and how did you start working in the transformation space? 
My work has evolved in so many ways. I’ve had many lives...
I was a fashion designer most of my professional life, starting at 13, and I had a fashion line throughout high school. At some point, I realized that people in the industry were not happy. 

As soon as I moved [to California,] I quit my job. 
I got into yoga, the healing arts, then shamanism.
I worked with shamans from all over the world, in West Africa, South America, and with Native American tribes, as an apprentice. I devoted my life to this for over three years. 

And how did you end up doing the work you do today? 
I wanted to help people to build a foundation for themselves, so I shifted my work to talk therapy, supporting clients in finding their own tools and strength to meet life.
It was based on my own intuition and knowing. 
I have refined a lot. I used to give a lot of advice.
Now I ask a lot more questions. 

What is Luna Love Leadership?
It is Soul Midwifery for women who sense their greatness but are held back from stepping into it. There are many facets to it. 
I host a podcast called 'Ladies Who Lead,' offer online courses, have 1-on-1 clients, host a live -3-day Women’s Leadership Conference, destination retreats, and write for a few online publications. The other aspect is philanthropy, I like to work with people who have limited opportunities in prison, youth centers and addiction care to give them tools to create inner freedom no matter their outer circumstances. 

The truth behind social media: A look at your day-to-day work. [What does it really look like?]
It’s hard work. I bust my butt… I work fully. I am always working because my work and my being-ness are not separate. It’s not just my company, it’s my life. Everything I do… it’s all the same thing. There is no separation. I am never off the clock. Even when I am dreaming or on vacation…  I am waking up with ideas and integrating them into my life and my offerings, getting excited about them, constantly in the creative process… It’s not time On and time Off. 

[ Breakthrough Moment ]
Two years ago I was going through a really hard time, and I had a great mentor who really challenged me to step up. She called me out, and asked:
“In what ways are you playing small..?
In that moment, I heard the message loud and clear:
‘No more bullshit.’
I realized then that this work is too important to be hiding, playing small, or not fully showing up…
Those behaviors were subtle and bleeding into my life. 
I was afraid of my own power, and I perceived it as a responsibility that I wasn’t ready for.
But she really challenged me to show up, 
and she highlighted how needed we all are in the world.
I really heard it. 

I made a decision that day to stop playing small.
I stopped feeling like a victim, because I realized that it is all up to me. 
I get to create what I want.

What is the most challenging part about doing this work? 
All my challenges are self-created. So meeting myself, all of myself, not just the productive, positive self, but the one who has self limiting beliefs… 
Often times these beliefs are related to feeling not good enough, and this feeling of impossibility: one that is really present in society. The idea that ‘I really want to do this, but I can’t…’  The can’t attitude is really hard to work through. Meeting people who are constantly letting things hold them back… it’s hard, and my job as a coach is to help them get out of it. 

And when my limiting voice says: ‘nobody wants what I have to offer..’
then I get to work with that voice as well. 

Where do you see the coaching industry going? 
I see the bubble bursting as far as the industry is concerned.
The people who are passionate and devoted will continue to stand in what they do, 
and the other people will go look for an easy niche that becomes popular. 
I’ve seen people who create businesses and they have this successful image as a coach,

but they have no clients. 
So you either give it up, or you bust your butt to make it happen. 
Some people step away, and some people dive deeper.
And the deeper you dive in, the more results you get out of it. 
This has been my experience.

What is your purpose? 
My purpose is to honor myself, 
to honor the woman I know I am here to be, and to become, 
and make the choices that are aligned with that person. 
My mission is to Be, and spread love.
I am doing it in the way that feels most aligned right now. 
And it could look different down the road as far as my professional offerings.

Does your ego ever get in the way? 
Yes. I have wants and desires. 
And there is a healthy way to relate to it. We can listen to the ego.
I want to lead from my wholeness, and ambition is a part of it as well.

[ Community ]
I don’t know if I am building community, but I feel like I am part of the human family, which is my community. When I get to interact with you, it’s amazing and it’s a blessing, but I am not necessarily attached to this long term thing, whether we will see each other again or not. 

We blessed each others’ lives in this moment… and that is perfect. 

I have never been one to stick around, and I don’t have a lot of long-term relationships. 
I am growing at such a rapid rate that I am always on to the new thing. 
I feel the alignment and resonance with new things and people, and there is never a rejection or leaving behind. Just saying yes to the moment. 

'Life' by Luna Love

'Life' by Luna Love