A simple technique you can use to clear the unconscious. It will help you clear and release unwanted thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and patterns lodged in the unconscious. 


Use this technique when you notice yourself feeling low, and thinking negative thoughts, experiencing illness or pain, without knowing where they come from. 


You will need a pen/pencil and paper to begin. 

1. Prepare your space. Find a quiet room with no distractions. Turn off your phone, any beeps, or notifications. Sit comfortably. Light a candle if you would like, and set an intention for yourself in this process.  

2. Write. Write whatever comes to mind. It doesn't have to make sense, nor does it have to form real or full sentences. Simply write on the paper, whatever your consciousness has to express. Let your stream of consciousness guide you. Write it all down. if you can't come up with anything, write that down: 'I don't know what to say...' 'I feel lost and confused...' 'I don't know where this is going' The point is to: bring to the surface the unconscious patterns by allowing yourself to write them down, and to release them. Whatever you have written down is to be cleared away from your consciousness, so don't read what you have already written. It is important to do this exercise with a pen/pencil and paper (and not a computer or phone) 'The neural impulses from the fingers are sent back to the brain so that the writing actually releases and records the patterns of the unconscious.' 

Write continuously for at least 15 minutes at a time. 

3. Clear it. Once you have completed this writing process, tear the pieces of paper and burn them (if possible.) Don't read the writing again. The point is to let go of any and all patterns that came up for you in this process. 

Next Steps

It is recommended that you do this process anywhere between 15 minutes and one hour, at least three times a week, and for at least three months. When you commit to doing this process on a regular basis, you may begin to notice old unwanted patterns shifting and clearing away. 

'Free-form writing is like taking a onion and cutting a wedge through to the center. Then you leave a space, and cut another wedge, and so on. If you leave the onion exposed to the air after cutting several wedges and do no more, the sections of onion that were between the wedges will dry up and peel away. And after a time there will be just a tiny seed left. In the same way, by releasing some disturbances through free-form writing, others still inside of you will fall away. ~ John Roger.