Meet Kristen


Hypnotherapist / Doula / Reiki Master / Kundalini Yogi / TV Host


She is a former model turned multi-modality healer and consciousness leader. 

It is not enough to name all the healing modalities she masters. Whether she is leading a Kundalini class, a Reiki circle, or birthing a new soul, she maintains integrity with her true self and her purpose, first and foremost.

Her story is one of rebirth, a literal and metaphorical one. 

Kristen launched her career as a teenage model, and it set her up to travel the world: from Tokyo, to Paris to London... But her real journey began once she started to look for her real self, not the one on magazine covers. The rigors of the modeling world sent her into the spiritual world, where she learned to re-connect with her self, her purpose and integrity.

Today, her greatest inspiration are her children.

Growing up....
I wanted to be a veterinarian, I was always interested in healing and wellness. It was't about medicine, it was always about healing.

First Job:
Modeling gigs at the local mall.
By the end of my first semester of college, I quit school, went to a modeling competition in New York, and won a contract to Tokyo, then Paris... 

There was no going back...
My hair was my big money maker… and there was no going back to college.

Her First Teacher:
I starved myself and had a very unhealthy lifestyle. One of the things that helped me most was 'The Book of Yoga.' That was my first teacher. Every morning, I would have a tea, and I did yoga in the nude. I needed to feel myself. I needed to own my body, to see my body… Yoga helped me to harmonize.

Her lowest point..
In her early twenties, when she made the decision to leave Paris, and the modeling world behind. 
I was being groomed to become a star, in an agency full of household names, but my soul was leaking out of my heart. 

... turned into a Launchpad
I left Paris and went to New York, where I began to study shamanism, working with teachers all over the world, I went to Spain, Peru, the Amazon Jungle, Hawaii... I started to study the archetypal energies of the planet. I studied Reiki, hypnotherapy, Hawaiian massage work... I was looking to find how I could develop this practice of energy work. 

Her life came to a Crossroads
She had to make a choice: to continue on the rigorous and intense path to Shamanism, or to stay in the world of 3D, the world of career, marriage, children..  
I wanted to have children, and get married, so I stayed on the human path… It was only later in my 40’s that I really began to deepen my awareness, and return to my spiritual roots.

A Catalyst Moment
Her son's birth.
It was a catalyst for me to become a teacher, a healing master. I began looking to, not only teach classes, but really become a master teacher. And the moment you call yourself forward as a master, everything changes... you really have to hold up to that intention.

Her Advice
If it doesn’t feel right, you gotta do something different. I don’t care if it looks right, I don’t care if people agree, I don’t care if it looks like it’s going to make a lot of money…. if you are feeling it as wrong, then that is your answer. 

A lot of times we keep doing the same old routine because we don’t know another routine, or we are afraid of breaking out of the box, or breaking out of the identity we have given ourselves.

On Purpose
The path will change. The journey is the point.
The goal is just what allows us to manifest the journey itself.
Without a goal, we just sit around and do nothing. 
But once we have a goal, it motivates us, from our heart space, it creates a sense of passion… and that is what we use to push through our resistance and our fear.

Anything can be your connection to source. it’s only the intention that you put within it that makes it so, and you can do that sitting in your car.

Daily practice
What really matters is the daily practice… You discover yourself in the difference in the practice. It’s not about mastering downward dog, it’s about mastering ourselves, no matter where we are in our lives.


To find out more about Kristen's work, visit her website, linked here.