We meet on a sunny afternoon at a strange coffee shop in Koreatown: It's part coffee shop, part bbq, part library. Like many young entrepreneurs, Joaquin works
throughout different 'office' spaces in the city. 

His is a story of resilience. His mother immigrated from a small Mexican village at a young age: she successfully built a life, a family, and a business in the US. 

She is one of his greatest sources of inspiration. As a young girl, she started business not by going to school, but selling homemade food from a small window carved out from a modest village home to the street. At a young age, Joaquin figured out basic street economics and started to make profits selling slammers first, then cigarettes (by the piece..!) and early on, joined the family business to triple its sales and win two trips to Hawaii. 

He has done it all.
He went from studying music, to politics, then working on the Obama campaign, working in government, business, and now technology. He is currently building his startup Awemaze.

His purpose is inspired by childhood faiytales and books on astrology, fairytales, geology, minerals, and the Earth. His face lights when he talks about the wonders of the universe.