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Patricia's thoughtful approach to design-thinking provided a perfect balance of meditation and action. She masterfully invited us to imagine our dreams and soon enough, to uncover the tools we've always had to bring those dreams to reality.
- Michelle. 'Design Think your Life' Participant.
I learned how to think far into the future (10 years) and then get more specific about what I want to happen in five years and this next epic year. This exercise is helpful for taking a big vision and turning into manageable smaller steps.
- 'Design think your Life' Participant


Stepping into real-world abundance, having money in my bank account at the same time that I have more control over my own schedule and the projects that I take on has been such a gift. I've also seen my friendships transform on a personal level, connecting with people more deeply over the art that I've been sharing. 
- Lyla. Coaching Client.
This coaching experience has changed my life: it has completely shifted my life in a new direction - one that welcomes fear with wisdom and love, digs deep to answer vital questions, and marches forward to embark on a journey to improve my life. I haven't found all the answers nor have I achieved perfection. Instead I have learned to accept my accomplishments thus far and allowed myself to start the next chapter of my life - embracing the mission to learn about myself, approach my life with honesty and acceptance, and support myself in my endeavors no matter how simple or intimidating they may be. I am ready!
- Dasha. Coaching Client.
The Purpose Program reaffirmed the artist in me. I learned it's ok to embrace who I am, and share that with the world... I loved the sense of community, and having a safe space to explore our purpose. I felt very nurtured.
- Bianca. Purpose Program Participant.
I gained a greater insight into myself and what is most important to me.
- Ashley. Purpose Program Participant.
I experienced the permission to love myself fully and to understand what it means to experience self love.
- Liann