The Project

This project began as a personal experiment in finding purpose. I set out to find my own purpose, and soon realized that my purpose had something to do with purpose itself.
I became interested in exploring the ways that we discover and create purpose in our everyday lives. I have set out to find my personal definition, and the universal meaning of purpose. 

I am currently interviewing 100 "inspiring" individuals who are aligned with their purpose. Over the next few months, I will be interviewing 'purpose' experts in the field of psychology, personal development, organizational behavior, and management. 


I am researching purpose through a series of personal and collective experiments:

1. Conducting interviews with inspiring individuals who have crafted meaningful lives around their purpose, 

2. Speaking with 'purpose' experts who are working in the field of psychology, personal development, organizational behavior, and management. 

3. Testing some of their theories, at a personal, and a collective scale. 



Our workshops give you the space and time to tinker and play, to find yourself and your purpose. 
The objective is to enable and inspire each individual to find the truth within. 

We will be working with different tools and methods including: forgiveness, gratitude, affirmations, body-painting, soul dancing, intuition, nutrition, wellness, meditation, and healing. 



The Purpose Lab

Consider that the world is one large laboratory, a massive playground for experimentation: we each have the time and space to try things out, to stumble and fall, ultimately to find our purpose, our truth. 

The Purpose Lab is a space for exploring and tinkering, to find inspiration and expression. 
for going deep inside, then far out into the world. 

The Purpose Lab inspires you to come alive into your purpose, to live the life of your dreams, to discover yourself, and your unique gifts.




Patricia Echeverria



Patricia Echeverria envisions better futures by untapping the unique human potential of every individual. She inspires young people to discover and create purposeful careers around their dreams. She has worked with No Right Brain Left Behind and Green Dot Public Schools to design environments that maximize the human potential and unleash the creativity of inner city students in South Central LA. She has coached young service leaders into action through the use of public narrative with Ignite Good in Central LA. She is a Startingbloc Social Innovation Fellow and a masters candidate of spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica.